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Real Estate Investment the Best Investment

Land cannot be produced. Everything else can be produced but not land. It is evident that real estate has always given unpredictable profit returns since ages. Because of the fact that as we progress and our wealth grow, we look for investment options and land is limited & it can only be made available. So as our wealth rises, real estate prices also rise subsequently.
There are various investments avenues available to a person in our country today;  namely gold, stocks & mutual funds, commodities, debt, real estate, etc. Out of all these above mentioned avenues, Real estate is a lucrative investment avenue which has its own elite class of investors. Here in this article we will discuss all these investment avenues compared with Real estate.
Real Estate v/s Gold :
Market says gold is on 4th number in terms of investment options. Gold is something everyone invests in and this tradition is followed from ancient times. But investment in gold has its own advantages and disadvantages. And when compared to Real estate, we find it to be a less profitable deal. Statistics from past 10 years say that gold has only given a 5-10% return whereas real estate gave 20-200% returns. Buyers almost got more than double of their initial investment in real estate in a certain period of time depending on demand, purpose and location. In property, prices can never go below your initial investment cost and so your money is safe whereas in gold you have to suffer a loss of manufacturing charges which can be 20-30% of initial cost as you get paid only for gold content in your jewellery. Even risk of being stolen, damaged or lost, etc. are always accompanied.
Real Estate v/s Debt Instruments: 
It offers a return of 9% only which is no-where in comparison to real estate returns. Debt and real estate both can be given same score in terms of guaranteed safe returns just the difference being return on investment percentage.
Real Estate v/s Stocks: 
Stocks are no less than a gamble you play to win over your luck. For stocks you need to do a detailed research and study before investing. And there is no guarantee for success of a business venture or company in stock market. Also returns are very meager in stocks and very larger in real estate with your money being in the most safe side in real estate one.
If you invest Rs10000/- in gold or Debt or stocks, you will get Rs11000/- in return i.e. only 1000 Rs as profit but if you invest Rs.100000 in property then you will get around Rs.120000 as gain. So 
The little you invest, the little you get.
But in real estate, we say :
A little larger you invest, a more larger return you get.
Real estate has its own benefits. Your land cannot be stolen. You can always lease it or rent it and earn a fixed income until you sell it. It will always go for a profit and sometimes unpredictable ones. Returns range no less than a 20%  and can go to great heights. Most importantly you just need to know that land cannot be produced and so your money is always safe with a guaranteed profit return.