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Effect of General Elections On Real Estate


The slump in real estate sale and purchase is due to the perception of general public that the property prices are on their saturation point and as there are thousands of projects going on in the country and investors are not in the same proportion thus, real estate price will fall and that will be the right time to purchase real estate or invest in property, this was followed by some of the reports published in newspapers and real estate magazines, people are waiting for some stable government so that real estate market will stabilize too considering their price.


Day by day survival is getting tougher, as the income sources are limited and competition and unemployment is at high rise, in this type of situation when it comes to buying a property, it is considered as mere dream of a majority of people, property prices are increasing uncontrollably, 


Delhi NCR real estate (Prevailing Situation)


As there is delay in projects in many areas of Delhi NCR, investors and people who are interested in buying property in the form of flats have became opportunist and they are choosing ready to move projects for investment as compared to the projects that got delayed due to whatsoever be the reason, the transaction rate is diminishing and this is the reason projects are resold to investors those are having potential to withhold the delays, this is the reason developers are facing challenges for selling properties in comparison to brokers and middleman.


In recent times, many projects has been launched in Delhi NCR, but noticeably actual transactions are very low, generally major sale of real estate or properties is noticed during festive seasons in India, but the last festive season was experiencing slump and the overall property business deals were very low during the season even after festive discounts and other appealing offers


Comparison Analysis or investment potential comparison among Tier I, Tier II, Tier III cities and Metros


Tier I cities and metros are experiencing slump in real estate business transactions as compared to Tier II and Tier III cities as property cost has gone beyond the purchase limits of middle and upper middle class people, where as in tier II and tier III cities, property cost is affordable and investors could find good location which is within their affordable limits, so tier II and tier III cities are considered best for investment for majority of people 

Promotion of National Infrastructure Development to boost real estate investment in Metro Cities


To promote real estate investment in Delhi NCR, government have planned to encourage national infrastructure development in various regions some are as below

1)      Noida and Greater Noida will be linked through Metro rail network

2)      Another Metro line is planned from Kalindi Kunj area to Botanical Garden

3)      Stretch of 6.6 Kms Metro line is planned from Noida Sec 32 to Sec 62

4)      Supplying Ganga water to people residing in this area

5)      Sewage treatment plants of 30, 000 Kiloliters daily

6)      Road network of 20 Kms

7)      126MW of Captive Power Generator

8)      70% of area along Noida and Yamuna Expressway will be kept as green spaces as per new master plan.

9)      40 Educational Institution and retail development projects are already been approved in this area.

10)    Export promotion zones along Yamuna expressway have been planned

11)   Two Bridge proposals, one over Sahadara Drain and other just before Okhla barrage has been proposed.


Areas in demand for investment purpose (Noida Extension, Dwarka Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, and Greater Noida)


People have invested in Noida in a large amount and the possession year is accounted 2014 and 2015, this will make area a big market for investors in real estate, many offices and retail markets are planned in this area, this investment will assist in future development of rental markets in these areas

Yamuna expressway is one of the preferred area for investment as the project designed in these areas are affordable in nature, the prices as compared to other areas is still low, the projects that were launched in this area in the year 2009 and 2010, are on the verge of completion, this could be an added advantage for investors, as ready to use properties could yield good business prospect for investors or end users   


Search Analysis


As per the study done and search accounted by one of the website, it has been observed that there is noticeable increase in searches for real estate in Delhi NCR region, this indicates investment probability for future.


Causes for slump in real estate investment


Consumer sentiments as well as instability in political scenario is considered as responsible factor for relaxation for investment in real estate, however rents has been increased remarkably and this could be one of the reason, which could induce investment into real estate market, this could be a promising factor for investors as well.